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My name is Phyllis L Jackson and I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer; my second career is I am a business owner. My company’s name is Uniquely40, LLC; I have been in business for 13 years as A Virtual Administrative Assistant. What a transition, but I was an Administrative Aide in NYPD prior to becoming a Police Officer.

 So you want to know what a Virtual Administrative Assistant is; well I am the front or the back administrative office help for online or off line businesses and professionals. “A Virtual Administrative Assistant can be a long term collaborative partner with a business, a provisional solution to staffing or the per diem solution.  We are the original outsourcers – we are called upon to tackle assignments in our field of expertise.  We are not temps or employees; we are, however, business owners and professionals”. 

 I manage their business just like I manage mine, with professionalism and integrity.  They concentrate on growing their business and I help with that growth.

 Why did I choose to become a Travel Agent, well that is simple, some of my clients are frequent travelers.  I have dealt with travel agencies and agents very frequently; sometime it would take 2 to 3 hours to get the itinerary just right. That was frustrating, I finally had enough.  An opportunity presented itself through another Virtual Administrative Assistant; she told me she was booking her clients travels herself through her own travel portal.  She had become a certified travel agent under an established agency which has been in business for 50 years.  So I became a certified travel agent under the same company, so now I am booking my clients business and personal travels I call this a win win situation. Go to our Travel site to see our travels deals;

I can arrange my clients’ travels and I make sure that every aspect of their trip is to their liking.  I can offer you the same service, you can book your travels through our portal or if you would like personalize service you can simply give me a call and we will discuss your desired travel plans.

You want to travel and have your plans just the way you want it, just give me a call.  I will work with you from the beginning to the end. Away We Go Travels,  taking you places you want to go. 


Phyllis L Jackson

Uniquely40, LLC

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